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Thread: Son's first deer.

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    Son's first deer.

    After working really hard over the summer and passing his DSC1 at 14, he went out at the weekend and got his first Roe doe using his dad's 243.

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    nice one mate,

    keep us all posted how he gets on with all this please.

    wish my dad had let me use his rifle when i was young, i had to use my uncle's

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    exellent job bet hes pleased ,keep telling my son theres more to xbox but he doesnt think so yet,atb wayne

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    Good on him! Any pics of his first blood?
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    Classic,and good to see the young ones coming through.


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    No sorry no pictures taken. He want out tonight but didn't get anything. He wants to get a Muntjac buck.
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    Well done that boy keep with it, some good days some bad

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    Its a great feeling when they get their first deer, think i was more excited than my son when he got his first.Well done

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