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Thread: mods 1 for two calibres

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    mods 1 for two calibres

    hi hope this is not a daft question but can some one tell me. can i use a 308cal mod on a 243cal both are threaded 1/2 in (just trying to save some money in tight times atb john

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    Hi mate, the simple answer is yes I have a 30 cal pes mod on my .243 works a treat mate, had a mates .243 mod on it and cant notice any difference.

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    yes mate it will work ok might be slightly louder due to the hole size but quieter than without,atb wayne

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    Both the rifles in my gallery use the same .30 cal AU-SL5 moderator. One rifle is a .243 and the other rifle is a 260 Rem.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Just don't try using a .243 mod on the .308!

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    yep no probs have a 30cal mod on my 22.250 ,6.5 and of course on my 308
    good hunting

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    Thanks to all who replied, you have saved me 's.

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    Yes, you can. any .30 calibre mod will fit a smaller calibre, but not the other way round!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    Just don't try using a .243 mod on the .308!
    why not ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by widows son View Post
    why not ????
    Because the moderator is made for a smaller calibre, hence smaller tube. Firing a larger bullet through it can prove deadly...

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