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    Where have all the roe gone ? this normally happens but this year it seems to have been quicker they have just gone to ground is anybody else having this problem ?

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    Dark at 16.30 and stays dark till 07.30. 15 hours of darkness to feed.

    As well as stalking I lamp foxes. During the last while I have been picking out lots of roe feeding in darkness. Come dawn they have moved back deep into woodland.

    Based on an approx 4 hour feeding cycle I have started going out for about 11.00 and staying out till dark. I am seeing a few round about the 13.00 mark.

    Worth a try

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    I went out last weekend with the missus, no rifle (cos the missus was there) just a camera and saw at least 10 roe on one 600acre farm. There's plenty about but it's like they can sense a rifle about the place.

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    Problem is sorting Bucks from Does ! Bucks have cast antlers and mine are in mixed groups , and always in the next field away.Hey ho way to go .

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