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Thread: Trophy cam gallery

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    Trophy cam gallery

    Just started using the Bushnell Trophy cam, great bit of kit. Please post some of your best pictures captured for all to see.



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    Please ignore the date on here, is it possible to upload vids as most of mine are?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Charlie caught in the garden the other night while field testing my new Bushnell Trophy cam. Now i know why the dog barks sometimes at night. Many thanks Munty Hunter for getting this thread off the ground, it looks like your quarry knows the cam is there?

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    this one is video from a bushnell trophy

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    Cracking pictures mate Was the ground baited? Boar seem to be so much on the increase!

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    Thats a good looking fallow buck there Apollo.

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    What sort of distance was the camera away from the deer and pigs? Also can you see it at night if it takes a picture as you look at it?

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    Yes the ground os baited to keep them off the horse paddocks, the camera is around 10/15 yards from them pigs and all you see is the little LED`s there is no glow to the naked eye, although you can get a trophy cam now with black LED`s that dont even glow....

    hes about the same distance away in this pic...

    they do work further out but at night this is about the limit...

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    How strong is the boar population around you Apollo?

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