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Thread: New BASC film: The Long Retrieve

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    New BASC film: The Long Retrieve

    New BASC film The Long Retrieve can be seen on BASC's You Tube Channel.

    If you like it, feel free to share it around.


    Simon Clarke
    Head of Press

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    That is an excellent piece of film of an excellent dog.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    A haunting choice of music to bring in the mood of the marsh, looks like just outside the range area of Sealand M.O.D ground, on a high tide looking by the A380 wing passing downstream,............ I vote ECHO should be given the job of showing some other B.A.S.C. staff how to persevere! cracking dog!
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    what a dog!!!

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    I did not think it was any thing special , to me it was just a other bank retrieve
    Any well trained water dog should be capable of that
    Yes I agree it was a blind retrieve and Echo did respond to the commands , so all in all it was a well trained dog doing what it has been trained to do
    So full credits for both dog and handler working as a team

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    Ok it is a far retrieve, well done tot he dog, usual video editing makes it look much linger than it is, BUT the cynic in me says it was one hell of a coincidence that not only is the camera man there, but that that at the same time something is shot and it is on the other side of the bank. Personally I would punt on it being a pre shot bird and a seen retrieve! Too many coincidences! And before I get the incoming, I know its how things have to happen for these sort of films, but don't try and sell it to shooters who know!

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    fair enough he knows his dog and it is trained very well, at what point do you say that the distance to swim is too far for your dog to reliably get back safely without tiring.
    I have seen dogs sent in to retrieve geese from the sea with seals swimming around, sent across a raging torrent no man would brave.

    its a testament to the dogs loyalty and in part the training it has received, but no duck is worth losing a dog over

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    I felt it was a bit over the top.
    It is difficult to judge the distance but as it was advertised as a 'Long Retrieve' I can only assume that it was further than normal.
    The haunting music made me feel that something woeful was going to happen to the dog.
    Being a non Wildfowler and having had very little experience of it or Wildfowlers, what 'back-up' is in place should the dog get into difficulties half way across ?
    Are the owners of dogs sent on such long retrieves willing to risk their own lives to recover it if something did go wrong.
    Cramp in working dogs is not uncommon and until it happens you have no way of knowing when it will happen and in this event it could have been too late.
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    Having had another look at the film, I can say the dog has certainly swum a goodly distance, although at a pretty safe state of tide, (High water slack)... as the Airbus wing barge only has a few minutes to pass through this section of the river, also the training wall perch marks are in the background, giving a bit of scale.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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