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Thread: Hilarious Thread from My Local Deer Forum

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    Hilarious Thread from My Local Deer Forum

    This is downright funny and thought I would share it with you guys...make sure you look at the pics from the trail camera lol!

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    The guy certainly had a sense of humor, clearly he knew there was a camera in place but good one..

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    I was stalking once I pulled up at one of the gates to find a van parked infront of it. I beeped the horn and a head pokes up from the back. There were 2 people getting it on in the back. I sat there while they got changed and moved the van. As I drove passed I wound down the window and said "I will take another exit" the guy thanked me and got back to it. We laughed for the rest of the day about that.

    Those pics are awesome.

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    very good

    as mentioned he new the camera was there but its still funny

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    now that's just funny. but same as he new the camera was there.

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    Love this, so funny, does any one think it could be fake? Even so, do you think you could start my thread off with the pictures?

    Trophy cam gallery

    Many thanks


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    Put some itching powder on the does back end next time!!
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