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Thread: First Fallow of 2011

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    First Fallow of 2011

    Went for a stalk today on an invite to another guy's permission.

    After about an hour we came across 3/4 deer in heavy cover.
    I picked the largest doe.
    Shooting off sticks was tough, my heart was beating flat out!

    After the shot rang out the deer made it about 15yards before dropping with a very good blood trail. I didn't know Anything could run 15yards after a .270 hit! On closer inspection the expansion wasn't great, the deer was possibly a bit on the close side...

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    Nice one 'GM' keep at 'em mate


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    Nice one Dan,
    I got one this evening myself just after 5, hard work though, had to carry it about 700 yards to the nearest extract point and then back track another 4 miles to get the jeep........................I suppose it will taste all the nicer..

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    lets hope the taste will be improved after all that hard work

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