Hi all,

I am after swapping my Swarovski Habicht 6x42 for a variable with a low bottom end magnification. 1.5x or 2x at the bottom end with an objective of 40mm+ is ideally what I'm after.

I reckon the Swaro is worth about 280 delivered- it has ring marks but is optically perfect. This really is a preliminary message to guage interest and if need be I will put up pics. I would be interested in any of the following options:

1) A direct swap for a variable meeting the above specs and of a commensurate value
2) A part exchange arrangement of one sort or another, either I'll send you the scope and a bit of cash for something worth a bit more than mine or vice versa
3) A direct sale- I'm open to offers!

Thanks for looking and feel free to PM for more info.