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Thread: Springer pup wanted

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    Springer pup wanted

    I've just had to put down my 7 year old spaniel, the house is now empty and I am in desperate need of a replacement, if anyone knows of any litters in the East of the country please let me know, thanks

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    I have news today of a good working springer litter becoming available shortly in kent (nr canterbury)

    if interested PM me and I will give you contact number

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    I know of a 6 month old ess dog available if you're interested living just into Suffolk. The owner is a trialler and judge who doesn't feel that this one has what it takes to win so is letting it go. It will go without papers but is full pedigree and obviously from working lines. As it's going without papers it will be priced accordingly.
    PM me if interested.

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    New puppy now bought, thanks for all the posts.

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