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Thread: .17 fireball

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    .17 fireball

    is any one here using the 30gr bergers,
    i have just made some new cases for .223 case, which i am going to use or some 25 gr hps
    but i have been useing the 30.s and getting really good results and wondered if any else as tred them?

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    Hi I used the 30g Bergers for a while but switched to the 25g vmax as they worked much better in my rifle

    What setup have you got ?

    And what loads are you using ?


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    hi Paul
    it a cz 527 amrican with 1 in9 twist bored barrel, i hve just made some case from .223 case's
    been useing rp case fed small rilfe primes and h332 17.5 gr rifle shoots grate with the 30 but
    i hAve 48 newly made(lost a few in forming) case and have some 25 gr vmax and hornady hps to try and would like to hear what powers othere are using ? for this bullets


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    I use the vitt 133 but couldn't find any load data so used the benchmark starting load due to the two powders being close in the burn table. I can't remember exactly what load I ran with the 25 grain vmax but I think it was 18.5 grain giving a mv of 3800fps and I could put ten rounds thru a penny at a 100 yards and I've shot grey backs out to almost 450 yards


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