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Thread: Never give up, the truth will always prevail

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    Never give up, the truth will always prevail

    This is a stalking forum, not a place for you to air what you consider to be your fair dealings from the the judicial system. This is all a one sided view from your perception of events, none of which anyone on this site, as far as I know, is in a position to dispute. Therefore I think it is unfair for you to be allowed the use of this forum as a platform for your personal grudges.

    As it happens I am in possession of a story relating to the same incident which bears little resemblance to what you say, however it is just hearsay and about as acceptable as your story and therefore has no more relevance than your story or more legitimacy for public reading.

    Also please bear in mind for the future, and this applies to everybody, that although we encourage that members make other stalkers aware of scams etc that affect stalking and stalkers in general, we are not here to provide a playground where squabbles can be aired.

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    Makes a change for justice to prevail well done

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    Well done for seeing it through.

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    Well done mate,
    Not often we get to win in court even with proof.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Good to hear that you got a result, I am not totally sure who you are referring to, but can have a guess at one or two.



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    Well done. He who laughs last etc.
    Surely any Firearms licenses this guy has will now be pulled?
    Also how about a link to any court reports in the local paper? That way you will not be naming him directly.
    Lieing toe rags need outing.

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    Fair play glad you stuck at it to many people get away with to much.does this mean he now has a crimnal record

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    Well done! It's great that occasionally justice is seen to be done.

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    Buck 52 ,
    Congratulations for having the balls to take this through to the end , after all it was only a highseat . But it was more than that, it was the difference between right and wrong . It must have been worth it to watch him squirm and lie , and get found out ,for what he really is .


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    He should be named shamed and BANNED! ATB Steve

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