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Thread: First intro to the highseat

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    First intro to the highseat

    I went out this morning with my 9 month GWP(poacher) (thars last litter) for an intro to the high seat. We had a gentle walk in and we arrived at the seat.She sat at the base of the seat very well considering she had a bit of a fidget but perfect for her first time.

    The morning was very misty and still and through the gloom her first distraction a Hare. It walked across the track in front about 15 yards away and stopped had a look round and disappeared, Poacher did lift from the seated position but made no attempt to pull against the lead and with a little prompt returned to the seated position. well done.

    Then there was the odd pheasant that put in an appearance, then suddenly we both heard the crisp sound of feet on frost. I looked to my right in the field and a fox was gently working up the field. It was out of view and down wind of her nose so she was unaware of its presence, I gave a little squeak and it stopped on the spot (no gun obviously). It then realised something wasn't right and ambled away

    By this time poacher had taken to lying down, I kept an eye on her and then she lifted her head and looked to my left and in the gloom I could make out 2 Roe doe's walking down the track cautiously smelling the ground where we had been an hour before. The dog was still steady and seated when suddely let out 2 barks, the deer ran and I climbed down and made a fuss of her.

    So all in all a good steady first outing, I think when she realises that deer in the gloom aren't a threat she'll be fine.

    And why is it you see everything when you have no gun

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    I hate to play devil's advocate but by fussing her will that not have set it in her head that if she barks at deer under a seat I get praised? It does sound like she did very wll though, especially with the hare!In order to get my 5 month old BMH used to game I take her 2 or 3 times a month to a game bark over here in Germany. She literally gets to see and sniff the deer and ther animals face to face.

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    hey that sounds like she is coming on well there. best of luck with the rest of her training perhaps you could keep us updated on her progress

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