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Thread: Swans.

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    How do i legally keep swans off our flight pond, there are four on it all day and they are eating our barley and i have been told they are not good for encouraging mallard to the pond?

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    Ask Lizzie to turn up with her knife and fork........that'll shift 'em
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    There was a guy up before the courts for 'killing and eating a swan', and when giving evidence in his own defence he offered the following:

    'Your Honour, I admit that I did kill the swan, albeit accidently, whilst out hunting. Then left with the body of the swan, I thought that it seemed a shame to let the corpse be the fare of maggots or carrion to other wild animals, indeed it seemed almost disrespectful to Her Majesty. Then with the hunger faced by many in this World in mind, almost sacrilege to allow such good game to go to waste, when myself and my family who were struggling to make ends meet, could make up for the lack of protein in our diet with such a fayre!'

    The Judge accepted that whilst the defendent had accepted his guilt, he had also in some respect made a uneasy choice in doing so. The Judge accepted the plea and pronounced a lenient sentence, consisting only of a caution. After the sentence had been passed and before the defendent left the dock, the Judge asked him just what Swan had tasted like as he was curious. The former defendent, said..'..well Your Honour, it tastes like Golden Eagle!'
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    These replies have been very helpful!!

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    I believe all you can do is to scare them off. if you do it enough they might .................................... might decide to reside elsewhere. Unlikely as your providing a nice food source but if you keep moving them off they might take the hint.

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    We feed the pond three times a week and they just ignore us... how do you suggest we scare them off?

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    Sorry Reddot couldnt resist.

    I dont think there is anything you can legally do (not from a British stand anyway) as its not a 'crop' you are protecting. Defra states:

    the general presumption is that wildlife is not killed. In most cases, people and wildlife are not in conflict with each other. However when conflict occurs, most problems can be resolved using non lethal methods of control (eg scaring swans away from valuable crops). Defra promotes the use of non-lethal methods. However, there can come a point when damage caused by wildlife becomes unsustainable and lethal methods of control are required. As the legislation generally prohibits lethal control, Defra policy is to issue licences to kill in defined circumstances where 1) all other reasonable non-lethal solutions have been tried and/or shown to be ineffective and 2)
    there is a genuine problem/need; 3) there are no satisfactory alternatives; 4) the licensed action will be effective at resolving the problem and the action is proportionate to the problem. Wherever possible, humane methods of lethal control are used.

    Where I am we have the best part of 60k pink footed geese on the stubbles at the moment, therefore, not damaging any crops so in general they are not shot (some do however). Once they start on the wind rown spuds and carrots then we will shoot them. Swans reside on some fields and all we can do is put scarers out (those pop up man ones thats make an alarm call seem to work well)
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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    We feed the pond three times a week and they just ignore us... how do you suggest we scare them off?
    The old keeper I used to stalk with used rockets made for just such a purpose. I seem to recall they were of German manufacture but sorry I do not know where he got them from and cannot ask him as he passed away a short time ago.

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    Is it a suitable pond for training retrievers on, regularly?

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    It is 3 miles from my home and muddy around the edges due to cattle drinking from the margins... if it were closer i would swim my CBR's more often. The feild around it has about 100 sheep grazing and i think the swans are used to disturbance.

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