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Thread: No light = No shooting

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    No light = No shooting

    Hi all,

    I went out last night with the lamps only to find that the light wasn't its usual bright self, at this point i thought, did i plug the charger in correctly? Turns out i did. Has anyone had Clulite wall plug charger issues, i think mine has totally died even though the red light glows up on the side of it. The lamp is 240mm LightForce Blitz, cracking light by the way even with red filter on, but the wiring and fuse set up is so poor. What i need is a reliable battery/cable set up to the main lamp.

    Any ideas would be welcome as this has happened to me twice recently putting a real downer on the night before its even begun!



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    Nope, but the battery failed, having said that it was after regular use and almost 10 years old!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Nope, but the battery failed, having said that it was after regular use and almost 10 years old!
    Hi Richard,
    I get the 12v batteries for free off a mate, always got a good supply , its just getting a charge into them which seems to be the issue! Thanks for moving the post as well, my fault!

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    Hi Carl
    I have the same light but on a seperate battery sytem and charger. Have run two batteries alternating for 5 years no probs thus far. Where do you keep your kit has it got cold in a discharged state? could have effected the battery.

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    i use cluson,i bought 2 new batteries and had trouble with them,rang cluson and they sent me a more powerful charger free of charge to try,still had same prob,had to send batteries back for testing,they were both faulty,was sent new ones,1 million cp lights reflectors also tarnish due to heat from the bulb coz they are plastic material,got over that by getting a reflector for a 2 million cp lamp,they are made from a metal and dont tarnish

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    Had similar issue with Lightforce, turned out that the wiring was breaking down and effectively the power was just going through a few strands of wire.

    I and alot of other users have resorted to completly rewiring/replacing switch on our lightforces, very good lamps shame about the poor quality wiring/swiches.

    Suggest you have a good look at the switch and the wiring close to it to rull out above problem.


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    Thanks for your feed back lads, I bought a challenge 6v/12v car battery charger from Argos for 20. I've had him on the charger and so far it looks like a charge is being pumped into the battery. The lights on the front go out as the percentage goes up. I'll let you know how it finishes.

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