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Thread: Moving target Qualification/assessment

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    Moving target Qualification/assessment

    I have an invite to shoot Wild Boar and Moose in Finland on a driven hunt, but the organisers want some sort of certificate or letter to say I am proficient at shooting moving targets ??? (don't think bunnies count) Is there anywhere in the UK I can obtain such a qualification/experience. I have an MOD range nearby with a MMTT range but they wont let civvy clubs use it (Altcar), I did shoot on it many years ago with my AK, now that was fun - 30 round mag - 2 mags - last blast before the ban !

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    I had a simliar invite to go to Sweden this year. While I could not go I was told I would have to go to a driven range out there and prove I can shoot.

    You might be able to do that option.

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    The Running Deer range at Bisley might be the place to train - BSRC (British Sporting Rifle Club) I believe.
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    Have a look at The Bog (Minsterley Ranges) they have a running boar range (or did last time I was down there). Its a lot closer to you than Bisley, and you won't feel as unwanted :-)

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    You'll be lucky if the West Mercia plod have'nt ruined the set up!
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