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Thread: berger vld's

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    berger vld's

    does any of you use vld bullets,are they as good as berger say they are

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    They were incredibly accurate out of my old 7mm but I shot 3 fallow with them and gave the rest of the box away.
    They were horribly destructive and had a tendency to blow up on the shoulder without penetrating.

    Maybe I was just unlucky but I wouldn't use them on live quarry again.

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    The vld's are designed for long range,and like most bullets there is an optimum speed in which they perform as advertized.
    Shoot them at close range at max velocity and they will act like varmint bullet,reduce the speed and they do what it says on the box..
    Any bullet shot outwith it design parameters will give inconsistent results.
    Right bullet for the right environment, there is no such thing as a bullet that is "good at all ranges".

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    thanks for your comment,ive been using 85gr nos bal tips from early this year and there ment to be varmint bullets and they seem to do less damage than any other head ive ever tried over the years,i like hornaday heads but worst head ive ever used is 180gr sst,they would nearly blow a roe in half,bloody accurate though

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    Well, i use VLDs in 7mm (140gn) and had completely the opposite effect compared to K.A and NOTW. In my rifle with a MV of 2770fps they act more like a soft point or a TSX. Not masses of expansion. Ive shot roe, fallow and red with consistent results. Ive also shot a fair few foxes and countless vermin. The VLDs consistently DONT expand at a MV of 2770fps (in the region of) on things fox size and smaller. Above this size, they seem fine.

    Ive never had explosive results with the 7mm 140gn VLD (Hunting) with MVs in the region of 2770fps.

    Just my 2p worth and i have had more than one batch..

    PS: Theyre uber accurate. sub 0.5 MOA even at extended ranges. very good bullet IMO

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    cheers bud for comments,i will give them a go,they are bloody expensive though

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    try buying hornady interbonds.. the VLDs look cheap in comparison.. Similar performance re: expansion, not quite as good long range.. but not a lot in it.. apart from the price!!

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    I have used the 155vld in my 308 and the 130vld in my 6.5x55 and they performed great.
    Small entry hole and good damage to internals. Most deer dropped on the spot and a couple ran 15 to 20 yards before falling. Very accurate in both riflles.
    Im getting groups of 1inch or less at 200 yards with my sako 85 6.5 hunting rifle.
    Velocity is around 2800 fps in both rifles.

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    I went out last friday eveing to foul my barrel- before a stalking trip the next day.
    I thought I'd get a couple of rabbits for the dog. the first 140gr VLD (.270) made such a mess you could have worn the rabbit as a snood.
    The second made a big hole, but it was perfectly salvageable...
    distances were 140 and 160yards, can't remember in what order though!

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    ive got some 165gr interbonds,have only been testing them so far trying to find the accuload,fink i am close,last test it was a bit windy,did have horizontal group 3 touching

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