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Thread: Variation for dispatching farmyard animals

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    Variation for dispatching farmyard animals

    A .22 LR is ideal for dispatching pigs (the domestic variety) so I am planning to ask for this on my FAC which is up for renewal, as I keep a few pigs for the freezer. Does anyone have this variation on their certificate, or have any advice on the wording that would go on the application form to support this request?



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    .410 shotgun is better for the job. I do quite a few pigs every year, and that's definitely the prefered method.

    Humane destruction of casualty livestock used to be a valid reason for a FAC application (e.g., for a .22LR), but it doesn't seem to carry much weight now. Perhaps that's because captive bolt pistol now no longer needs a licence, so folk are using those. (Although everyone I know who does home slaughter uses .410 like me).
    I did put "Humane destruction" down on my FAC application form, but it doesn't say anything about it on my licence. Just the usual "zeroing and vermin control".

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    I'll stand corrected on this, but I don't think you need to have it if you are using the .22 on your own livestock - for your own consumption.
    Useful links:
    Guidance Notes

    If it is someone else's stock, you'd need it on your FAC

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    410 would be better and you wont need a variation

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    I tried to get humaine distruction of livestock, mainly calves and the odd cow on my fac at the last renewal, not a hope in hell as long as i had a hole in my arse was they going to put it on the ticket, the reason they gave was even though i work with livestock 24/7 i wasnt a licenced slaughter man so i might not do it right....!!!.
    Christ it aint rocket science, or is it ???


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    As a farmer all my rifles are conditioned for humane killing of animals although to be honest a .410 is my preferred choice for the job.

    Just remember that there is a difference between slaughter and killing.

    My fac states. "The firearms shall also be used in connection with the humane killing of animals".

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    I wouldn't use a .22 either i would go for the 410 option .22 not very effective

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    Thanks for the replies chaps. I will consider the .410 and apply for the .22 variation for humane slaughter. From experience, the .22 is effective on boars up to 10 months.

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    had humane slaughter added to my certificate last year without asking for it. Handy for keeping you on right side of law.

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    Collieman, was it just 'humane destruction' without reference to livestock? I thinlk that's what I'll put; if I put livestock it complicates, if it's just 'humane destruction' it will as you said, keep it legal. I have a .38 S&W but my certificate states '...for humane dispatch of deer and foxes'

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