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Thread: Frozen Planet

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    Frozen Planet

    Frozen Planet is the most awesomely beautiful programme I have ever seen. But I kind of want to bag me a big Caribou now.

    I do love the BBC when they put together a series like this.

    Who ever would have guessed pintail ducks like seal meat.

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    All of Attenborough's programmes are ace
    It'll be a sad sad day when he goes
    Mind you we will have oddie an co
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    i agree the footage is awsome that owl in the snow the other week was fantastic ,how eary was the icebergs and the ice caves .i think i might have filled my shorts when those killer whales tried to wash that dingy with a big wave as if they where seals.

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    Watched it last night while doing a bit of reloading in the garage (got sky tv in the garage ) and it was just fantastic, i have to admit seeing those seals feeding on happy feet just made me think they have had to learn how to get to them on a bit of ice etc,

    the camera men must have some B a l l s.

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    awesum programme still the best bit the penguin stealing the stones from his neighbour i nearly chocked on my cocoa

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