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Thread: Can you earn a decent living in deer management?

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    Can you earn a decent living in deer management?

    Hi all,
    This one goes out to all the stalkers who earn a living from this great pastime. I 'm currently still the services and was thinking what it would be like to work in the deer management world in years to come. I would probably take a pay cut but for the love of job, why not? How does one find a job in stalking professionally. Please share your experiences along with a time scale.



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    I have just started this year, but for me it is just part time. I also run 2 companies (1 is a small sporting agency the other is one of the leading Salmon Fly websites.) and do all the stalking on a 4,000 acres Estate.

    It keeps me busy but my salary from the Estate is very small but hopefully it will get better (I am on a years trial) and I have all the stalking I could ever want, but since i started I have only shot 4 animals, I just love guiding people and testing myself against the animals on the cull list

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    I don't know about decent, but it is possible to earn a living. You have to become a jack of all trades, as you won't earn enough income from any particular stream. During the season you will earn from taking clients out for paid stalking and trophies, but you will most likely split a large percentage of that with the estate/landowner. You also need to buy and sell carcasses, and other game, as well as process it and sell to pubs/restaurants or at markets. Another area is training, taking people out for witnessed stalks especially. In addition to all of this you need to be marketing your services and keeping good relations with your clients and landowners, including property maintenance on fences etc, and vermin control. Then you have the problem of what to do in the closed season, as no-one will be flat out on all species all year round, so you need to supplement your income somehow.

    Basically it is possible, but it's certainly not an easy way to make a living.

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    Firstly it's not a job, it's a way of life.It rules your life, your family have to be very understanding. The pay is not fantastic but is enough to live off. Getting into stalking as a career is the hard bit, jobs are few and far between.Would I do anything else? No chance.

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