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    rock salt

    ive seen and heard a little about using rock salt as a suplement/attractant for deer but thats as far as it goes and seeing as i work in a buildes merchants and theve just got around 28 ton in in 25kg sacks which i can get on the cheap i thought i might look into this a bit more so what i would like to know is basicaly is rock salt worth using (roe) and do i mix it wth anything before use and do i need a special hopper to feed from or is the rock salt just poured on the ground ? many thanks

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    You will find that the deer dont eat the salt, they tend to eat the soil it has leached into or lick the wood if it has soaked into a log or tree stump.
    I have used rock salt to establish an lick, and have mixed it with bird puller or concentrated aniseed as an attractant with some success.
    I dont use a lick to shoot over, only to observe the local population and decide on a cull plan.
    The licks have worked on both roe and fallow that I have tried it on to date (spotted some red hinds on my land a few weeks ago so will see if they like it)
    Theres a fishing shop in the northeast sells the aniseed cheap.
    works better than most of the salt blocks you can buy.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    You can dig it into the ground and mix it well. As said Roe will then eat the soil!

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