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Thread: Stalking directory apps?

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    Stalking directory apps?

    Hi guys,
    Have you considered making an app for this site for android and I phone??


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    Considered, yes.... but as yet, not done. vBulletin have released an iPhone/Android app but it's still early days and there are still issues. Another issue is testing.... I use a Windows 7 based phone so have no easy way of testing across multiple phones/platforms. There is also an additional cost for this app.

    I had hoped that the long promised mobile style which is a core part of vBulletin (no additional cost) would be done and dusted by now... this is a 'skin' for the site optimised for use across multiple mobile browsers. Unfortunately there are issues with this too. I think the problem the developers are having is that there are so many differences across mobile devices and they are changing so fast that it's impossible to develop a solution that works for all, however I think this has the best chance of working for the largest % of users.

    I am reluctant to release something that I know isn't going to work for X% of people though, for obvious reasons.... (100-X)% will quietly use it and X% will be complaining in here!

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    complain?? Isn't it called constructive feedback??

    I've got an android phone, if you need help with testing cross platform..

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