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Thread: .30-06 or 8x57IS

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    .30-06 or 8x57IS

    Morning All,I live in Germany and hunt frequently for roe, pig and red, with the occasional fallow. I currently own a .270 but i wnt something a bit bigger. I'm looking at .30-06 or 8x57IS.Does anyone have any thoughts on which has better penetration, better accuracy, hard hitting? I'd prefer to shoot with heavier bullets so whch one prefers heavy?Thanks.

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    I shoot both with, but the 8x57 I shoot only with 200 grain bullets. I am from the US so bullet selection for the 8x57 is somewhat limited. My choice, on that score alone, would be the 30-06. As far as killing, the 30-06 would have the statistical edge but in practical terms, the game won't know the difference...~Muir

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    As both cartridges are so close to one another I would find the rifle I liked, chosing those only in these chamberings to select from, and go with the one I liked and felt best to me.

    I happen to like the 8mm Mauser round and let's face it if you go for a Mauser 98 varient it fits the action perfectly. For all your quarry except the Pigs a 150 grain bullet in either cartridge would be fine for Pigs I would step up to 180-200 grain bullets. Funnily enough I found a sheet of A4 with some chronograph results from testing some loads in the 8x57JS and Hodgdons H335 gave me around 2850 fps with the Hornady 150 grain bullet. I didn't date it but from the target layout it was shot at Bisley so that makes it over 7 years ago now. The S&B 196 SPCE loading worked well in my rifle and has a good reputation on game from what I hear.

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