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    well after leaving one of my rubber eye guards lying in the heather, i got on to the phone yesterday to order a replacement, i asked the lady on the phone if i had to glue the eye guards in place no she replied i will send you out 2 complete units which you just screw in.
    That was about 12 o clock yesterday well they arrived this morning, once again great service it makes you realise what you are paying for.

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    swarovski's service is top notch

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    I damaged a turret cap on my PV Swaro scope. Last Friday I emailed Swarovski Australia. On Monday my phone rang and Hannes from Swarovski apologised for the delay in getting back to me! He assured me a pair of caps would be in the mail ASAP free of charge. Great service.

    We've recently had a change here and Swarovski are going to be doing their own marketing and distribution here in Aust, which is going to cause prices to drop and service to improve. And certainly my first dealing under the new system has been very satisfactory.

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