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Thread: scopes on a budget

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    scopes on a budget

    what would you recomend for my 22.250

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    All the advise given will say that spend as much as possible on a good quality scope and this is sound advise, but that aside a while ago l purchased a bushnall 3x9x50 if memory serves l paid 180.00 for it, as it turned out it seemed to have been a good choice and has served me very well, don't go for the cheap nastys on e**y that are described as all singing and dancing save your money and get the best you can afford but go and look at it and through it at the shop so you can see what you are getting, don't buy on line.

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    cheap scope

    I run a bushnell trophy 3-9 x 40 on my 7mm08 and a bushnell banner 3-9x 50 on my .30-06. both are great and both were bought online. I would thoroughly recoment either scope

    have a look on they are good.

    i got both mine from american sites


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    I use leupold on my 22 and 243, I think they are magic!

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    I was going to buy a second hand Karl Kapps but my local firearms dealer persuaded me to try a Nikko Silver Sterling on a money back promise and it is fantastic.

    It has such good light gathering that recently I had packed up because it was too dark and was walking down through a wheat field heading back for the car when I heard something in the crops. My Leica binos had long since ceased to be any use but I could clearly see a roe doe with the scope.

    The scope cost me 170 but there was a bit of discount involved.

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    i've seen some nikko sterling nighteater 8-32 +60mm mil dot side focus for 150 or a leupold 3-9+50mm for 200 any view's on these

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    It would be the leupold for me any day. Excellent scope for that money.

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    Get yourself a Leoupold, I have used them for over 25 years, never had a problem with any of them. I also have a Burris Signature on my 375HH, taken it to Africa and Finland, never moved, never had a problem.

    Buy them from the States, the exchange rate is over $2 to 1, although you will pay import duty and Vat you will still get them delivered for half the price you will pay in the UK. Or better still find someone who is going to the States to bring one back for you.

    This year I bought a VXL Leoupold for 360, price over here is close on 700. Bloody brilliant scope, I have already lost count how many deer its taken on my 25.06.

    Good luck

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