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Thread: dawn and dusk times ???

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    dawn and dusk times ???

    Hi Guys

    I know about the one hour before and one hour after law.

    but what times do you normally find it light enough to shoot in a morning and not to dark to shoot in a evening compared to the offical dawn and dusk times.

    eg offical dawn time 7.20am (you find it light enough to shoot at ??????????)

    eg offical dusk time 16.10 (you find it not to dark at ??????????????)

    asuming you are useing good quality glass as i know that can make a big difference.



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    hi dave
    not good to give times as a lot depnds on cloud cover.

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    I never look at dawn and dusk times. Just out of the window.

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    Lots of variables.

    But a few days ago dawn was 7:40 I would say shooting light would have been about 7:05 if it had not been for the think pea soup. Muntjac got it at about 7:20

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    In reasonable conditions I usually find it ok to shoot from Civil Twilight Begins and upto Civil Twilight Ends (Good Stuff!).....However I would not shoot deer at Civil Twilight but still take rabbits at this time.

    Cheers + ATVB

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