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Thread: What Caliber addition to 6.5*55 - R93 Barrel?

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    What Caliber addition to 6.5*55 - R93 Barrel?

    Alright Chaps,

    I am thinking about adding a barrel to my Blaser setup.

    I have a 6.5*55 and shoot mainly reds. I am very happy with this but
    want to a add something like a 30.06.

    What are your opinions on .30 calibers? Or would a 7mm be an option?

    Any advice and idea would be appreciated.


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    This question turns up in one guise or another very often on this site, and you will get all sorts of answers depending on peoples fancies.

    But I believe you have answered your own question when you mentioned the 30-06. It is the natural follow on to the 6.5x55. It will allow you to shoot all our species of deer, from muntjac upwards, with ease and very lttle meat damage if you use the correct loadings. It is also perfectly adequate for our boar

    Two things to consider though are if you ever go to africa after plains-game, or onto the continent after boar you might fare better with another calibre. Say a .300 win mag or even a 9.3x62. Both are more than adequate for plains-game and both will be allowed for boar in europe whichever country you go to.

    I hope you have fun choosing your calibre.

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    The 7mm bullets have higher bc so they buck the wind a bit better.

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    7mm are good,
    9,3x62 they drop like a stone

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    i would go 300win mag or 7 rem mag , i have always founf 30-60 diose it best work at short range with 220gr bullet (but that not fast enough for deer in uk) but in open country it work fairly well with 165gr , but the onther two get same velocity with 180gr and i like my heavy bullets (they hit harder and damage less meat than light bullet moving faster )


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    Your problem is the same i had a while ago but with a Mauser. I went for the 300 win mag rather than the 30.06 so it has a bit more reach and does not fall foul of that old military caliber issue some countries have.

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