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Thread: A few days at the does

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    A few days at the does

    I have been meaning to sharing a few of my and Andy ( win mod 70) outings with you . We both shoot together on a regular basis ( most weekends) . We usually take off a few days at the begining of November to make start on our cull plan on a couple of permissins we have in herts and we also shoot over the GAP 180 land in Herts / Cambs . This year the weather has been warm and the rut appears to have been late in our area but were were hoping to make a good start .

    I have been training one of my labs Holly to trail but she has not been on the real thing yet so she would accompany me and hopefully sit quietly under the high seat .

    We started on the Monday so only the Bucks were in . I got in the seat just before dawn full of anticipation . Holly sat mesmerised by the local squirrel population but didnt run in which I was pleased about . I looked up and saw a pricket emerge from the edge of the wood it crossed about 80 yrds in front . First one in the bag , the stalking break was off to a good start . I took a walk over with Holly let her have a sniff and a lick . She has only seen Muntjac shot before . The buck sorted I met up with Andy he had blanked and hadnt seen anything . We had breakfast and planned our next foray that evening .

    We swapped seats staying on the same permission . I was in luck again and saw a small group of does which were safe until the following morning .I was just about to get down again when right on last light a young buck appeared from the hedgrow at the side of the seat no more than 15yrds away . I took him with a neck shot . The dog didnt move .Great . Andy was well cheesed off it was the second trip to the cold store today and he was empty handed again .

    Tuesday dawned and the Does were in season .Just as dawn broke I heard the first shot and then the text ' buck head shot 100yrds ' good at least I would have to listen to his moaning . I had been watching a young doe crossing a rape field to my rear as she got closer I shuffled down the ladder and tried to rest the gun on the rear of the seat , regretting I hadnt put more time in with the pole saw to clear my field of view . When she got to about 75yrs she was in a clear patch so I whisteled and she stopped I held the cross hairs on her neck . BANG missed she ran 20 yrds startled and stopped , I didnt make the same mistake twice number 4 was in the bag . Chest shots for me
    from now then ! I got down the high seat and again walked Holly over to the doe just then I heard the second shot and got the text ' Buck head shot 80yrds '

    Hes gonna be happy I thought . We spent the rest of the day putting up new high seats and thing getting ready for later on .

    That evening we stayed on the same permission I shot a young doe and Andy got another nice buck Chest shot ( standards are slipping )

    Wednesday we had decided to change our tactics and moved to a new piece of land . Andy had sorted out the high seats having looked at the forecast he assured me it would be fine and I was on the outside of a wood and he went inside . Thanks Mate !

    I got in the seat it was blowing a gale I was down by 7 and on my way back to the landrover looking forward to a cuppa to warm up I got the text message ' Buck 70 yrds head shot '

    He went out again yesterday morning and christened one of the new seats we put up . I got the text message on the way into work , he has taken to sending the photo instead now !

    Looking forward to the next weekend outing

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    Sounds like you 2 had a great few days, well done!


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    What 'bucks' are these that are in season alongside the does?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    That's what I would have thought but it wasnt really clear from the very good write up
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Nice write up! A good start to the cull for sure!!



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    nice write up sounds like it was a productive few days

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    Appologies Limulus , We only have access to Fallow and Muntjac here , Chineses and Roe are a few miles away yet . I did type the whole thing in and lost it for some reason first time , second time was a bit rushed .

    Thanks for reading and commenting


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    good write up landy never the less for the wee hicup

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    Good few days that!

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