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Thread: Guide to Euro Travel HELP!!

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    Guide to Euro Travel HELP!!

    I've just realised that either I'm logisctically challenged or travel to Europe with a firearm when you get a last minute chance can be a difficult thing to sort out. There's all the rules and all those airlines that won't carry firearms and ferry transport well I don't get that at all. So here is and idea. Lets figure out a smart guide with tips for travelling to the popular hunting countries in Europe so if someone was thinking about a short notice trip to say poland we could have some info that says what the best options are, friendly airlines, ferry, etc.

    So France, well that would be either a tunnel or ferry and drive? But what are the rules and options. If you guys that know the score say about your ecent trips that would be a great help for the challenged ones like me! Maybe, you can start you post with a country as a heading in capitals? Thanks


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    Things to check:

    - Guns are on your EFP and the serial numbers are correct
    - When booking check with your airline prior to booking that they will accept firearms. Most will but some like Ryan Air won't.
    - Each Airline has different rules and regulations, some charge you and excess some don't.
    - Most Airlines will require you to inform them at least 72 hours before flying that you are travelling with Firearms.
    - Make sure you have a suitable travel box that is airline approved for your guns.
    - Pack ammo separately to the gun
    - Check the Calibre is legal in the country you are going to.
    - Get to the Airport early at least 3 hours before your flight. Most check in staff don't know the process and it can be very painful.
    - Make sure you have all your licences and paperwork for the country of your arrival prior to flying.
    - On arrival your guns will normally come out of a special area, once you have collected them make sure you declare them at customs.
    - Some times things go wrong such as guns coming out with the rest of the baggage. Use your common sense and follow the plan.

    I have never travelled by Ferrys but I have been told you should put your hazard lights on which indicates you need special assistance.
    Again check with the Ferry company and everything should go smoothly.

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    i would add ammo and bolt separate and max of 5 kilos of ammo boxed ,make sure in advance they know you are travelling with firearms .i have only been from heathrow and it was very well done we were met at the airport as soon as we stepped inside we were whisked to the front of the que and sorted out in a very proffessional way .i hope it goes that well on other journeys,atb wayne

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    Using the tunnel is dead easy. Firearm must be in locked case but accessible to check details at customs. Bolt and ammo separate too. Declare that you are carrying a firearm to customs and they will check details on you European firearms pass against the firearm you are carrying and send you on your way. Allow a bit of time coming back to uk from France as British customs are very slow in my experience. The French customs have been very efficient in my experience.



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    Rich, so for France you book your tunnel ticket and declare the firearm when booking or on the day of travel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    Rich, so for France you book your tunnel ticket and declare the firearm when booking or on the day of travel?
    I book a ticket for the tunnel but do not tell anybody that I have rifles/shotguns with me. Shotguns you do not have to declare at all but I do declare the rifles at customs and show them my UK FAC and EFP. Never had any problem yet. Bolts are in the rifles and ammunition in the sleeves.

    If you travel in Germany rifles and shotguns must be in a locked case or sleeve but the lock can stay on 0000!

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    No military calibre rifles or ammunition allowed to enter France.....even for transit! Rules out 30-06 & .308/7.62 & others.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Hull-Zeb' ferry. Declare at passenger arrivals, fill in one form and have F.A.C photocopied or one you prepared earlier. Ammo in box goes to pursers office, sign to collect in morning. Takes as long to type as it takes to do. Then drive through Belgium, Lux, Germany to France and never even notice the boundaries let alone stop anywhere. Piece of cake. Rifles stay in car. No bumps, scratches or nasty attitudes on either side of the water.
    Just be aware that customs folk don't joke or laugh. Piss them off and you will hear the slap of rubber gloves and be asked to assume the position. Declare everything upfront, be courtious and it is painless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeangeo View Post
    No military calibre rifles or ammunition allowed to enter France.....even for transit! Rules out 30-06 & .308/7.62 & others.
    a load of crap this crops up everytime crap

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    eggy s has it all covered regards regulations. Here is my list of friendly airlines.

    Easyjet £25 per flight. You can take 2 guns if they are in the same case.
    B. A. £50 per flight
    Lot Polish Airways. Havnt flown with them for a while but didnt charge.
    South African Airways. No Charge.
    If you are flying to Bratislava I think you will find none of the air lines take firearms so you have to fly to Vienna.
    Appolagies in advance if any of this has changed since i last traveled.

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