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Thread: Got my 1st shottie this week (Cheap and cheerful!)

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    Got my 1st shottie this week (Cheap and cheerful!)

    Picked this up Tuesday wasn't looking for a shottie but it came up for a decent price so I thought what the hey!

    Baikal over under single trigger ejector in mint condition should do me for years pigeon bashing and a few clays now and then.

    Bores like glass barely a mark in there

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    You can't go wrong with a Baikal for a starter gun, they're good solid guns and won't break the bank.

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    I've always found Utterly Butterly is the best for rubbing down the stock/fore-end, none of this linseed oil

    Happy shooting, I'm sure it'll take many a pigeon, rabbit, pheasant...
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    I adore my Moscow Purdey, it's a double trigger side by side and there's not a lot I haven't used it for. Limited only by its 2.75 inch chambers it is the most versatile tool in my cabinet. If I ever buy another shotgun (I have five on my ticket but the others rarely leave the cabinet) it'll be for some stupid posey reason, not because there's anything wrong with my Baikal. Just remember that everyone you hand it to will ask if they can knock a fence post in with it while grinning as if they are the first person to ever make that joke about a Baikal. You will have the last laugh, they will never know the true meaning of reliability!

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    I have an old SBS Baikal that I have had a lot of fun with, just a little short for me. There's something nice about having a cheap gun and getting stuck in. I do worry about my better guns getting scratched etc, not so with the trusty Baikal. I do expect you could put a post in with it - not a lightweight SBS!

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    bought one about 26 years ago my favourite gun for the shore and woodies in the forestry block i just keep plenty oil on it and only clean it if it gets wet or any blood on it and it's still in good condition

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    was my first gun 27 yrs ago think i swapped it for a hw 77 air rifle pushed the trigger forward for top barrel cracking gun

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    bought a cheap o/u myself a few years ago it was knocking on a bit! but boy did i have some fun with it!!!! & it just hit everything i pointed it at! but it died on me last year cant fault going cheap & yours seems quite new! so look forward to plenty of fun.....

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    Cracking Gun. Was the very first shotgun i fired when i was 14 years old. Entered my rifle and pistol club, clay competition the same day, came third. There were some very expensive guns around that day and also some red faces. All the gear but no idea! 26 years later, i couldn't hit a barn door.

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    Hi guys I went to a local clay club this morning that uses my bosses land twice a month to try it out.

    Some folk were saying as a beginner I might struggle a bit with the tight chokes so wasn't expecting much tbh. But I think I did ok with 16 out of 25 busted Couldn't stay longer coz I had the kids.

    1st trap 3 from 5 shots looping from right fairly slowly which I thought I'd do better on.

    2nd trap 6 from 10 shots 1st quite quick from back right, next coming at me from front right in the distance.

    3rd trap 7 from 10 shots 1st rabbit from right, next going away quick from behind left. Well pleased with these as they are supposedly the hardest shots and I missed the last 3!!!

    Be good next time to go alone and spend more time shooting and getting advice from the others but overall a decent start I reckon

    I can see this shotgunning lark getting addictive

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