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Thread: british made scope

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    british made scope

    i am of to look at a new weapon and apperently it has a britsh midland scope ? on it i think its a 4-20x50 apperntly and has an illuminated retical?
    does this ring a bell to anybody as i have never heard of this thing.
    good thing is its sitting on top of a nearly new manlicher pro hunter in 30-06
    any idea folks?

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    never heard of this but have you seen it yet. if so what is it like

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    not seen it off next week to buy the rifle as i have a ziess to go on it, just the lad said it was some thing like that and it did not know much else about the scope . just thought would as on here incase anybody had ideas? maybe a britsh made scope supposed to have cost a fair bit as the weapon is only a year old and holding a group of 3 shots in half inch group at 150 yrds

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    Midland was a name owned by Parker-Hale but after their demise I have no idea who owns the title to the name. Probably a re-badged Chinese jobbie.

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