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Thread: 17 hornett

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    17 hornett

    was browsing the net and came across something on the hornady they have a new round coming out in 2012 the hornett 17 a hornet case with a 17 head any taughts on this

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    I think it's already available as a ackley round and I don't think I would swap my 17 furball for a 17 hornet


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    i have a look at it on the net, and thinkthat it will be grate in uk as more velocity that hmr and less than 17 ack or fireball ( i love my fire ball )
    the case is shorter that .17 ack hornet this as been done to allow the use of the v_max bullet in the mags of 22 hornets action ( most .17 ack hornet need singel feed as rounds are to long for the mags,

    anothere plus is that dies and case will be availible so no forming of cases

    i hope it becomes a popular round in the uk as it should be good for longer range rabit's crows ect ,than 17hmr but safer to use than .22 cf ( including the hornet)

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    From the Hornady website approx

    .223 $25 for 20
    .22 hornet $24 for 25
    .17hmr $17 for 50

    .17 hornet $25 for 25 maybe too dear for non reloading corvid and pigeon bangers ?

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    I think this will be another round that only really appeals to home loaders? Like the .22 Hornet, it will be as cheap to load for as it is to buy HMR ammo but factory at 1 per shot for bunnies and birds is unlikely to go down well. In most cases if people are spending that money then they may as well buy a .223!

    I've had both a .17AH and a standard .22 Hornet. The Ackley was hard work to load for but a stunning little round for what I do. This new .17 could be something I will look at in the future as it's going to be easier to load than the Ackley and flatter than the .22.

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    iam looking forward to this one

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    If avialable in a factory rifle such as a CZ I am in. I was looking at paying circa 500 for a barrel alone for my Thomson Centre Encore in .17AH

    I await the final product.

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    Just put in for a variation for this one and hoping that CZ will do the 527 in this cal. Think it will be really great cal. for my situation, bit faster/harder than the 17 HMR but easier to moderate and more fun than a .22 centre fire. Time will tell.

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    a mate has a 17 hornet ack imp its a hell of a tool

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