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Thread: Ex and serving forces who stalk

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    Question Ex and serving forces who stalk

    It is obvious from posts, user ids and avatars that there is a high number of ex and serving members of the forces that stalk. I was just curious what your thoughts were on the reason behind this. I would make an educated guess that stalking as a hobby or job offers a chance to use skills learnt in the forces - fieldcraft, marksmanship etc - but I also wonder if there are other personal traits that make a good soldier a good stalker?!
    This is not a leading question in any way and I hope you don't mind a deskbound IT manager asking! (it should be pretty obvious why a morning stalking appeals to me...)

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    I was stalking at 12, gun barer effectivley...I shot my forst Roe a week before my 14 birthday, I had an apprenticeship set up as a keeper on a reasonably large estate not far from Loch Ness.

    I decided to join the Army at 16 instead......I had tried when home to get a stalk here and there, family friends etc......

    In 2007 I decided to bite the bullet and kitted myself out fully with everything I needed , and various things I didn't and still don't need .

    Do I use my fieldcraft? Not sure, probably a bit, but I am a mechanic in the Army, I have been out stalking with people from all sorts of backgrounds, am I any better? I don't think so. Some of the pictures seen on this site demonstrate how effective people can be in getting close to animals, yes, OK , some do carry an all singing all dancing camera, most dont, but they get very close to some wildlife, not just deer.

    The major key to stalking I think is know your ground, and know it well.

    Marksmanship? I can shoot reasonably well. Shooting on a rifle range or a two way rifle range is a totally different dicipline to shooting deer, in my opinion anyway. Snipers can shoot with reasonable confidenceout to 1000m+, some of the long range TARGET shooters will hit a 4" disc at 500m out to 1000m, they may never had any specific training.

    I don't think your questions have been answered directly, I don't think there is a definative answer.....

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I've spoken to a few people in the forces who are really interested in eating what they shoot. Maybe the combination of skills gained through service, makes them want to use these abilities to put food on the table.

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    Been shooting or involved in shooting from probably age of 5 and joined up when i was 18.Kept shooting when i was in,and then after 4 years in civvy deer became a new and very testing quarry.Now its probably my favourite of all,and really like the isolation and skills needed to be successful in the stalk.The times involved,mostly very early and last light means we see more than we normally would with other forms of hunting.

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