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    I was thinking of a book for Christmas and saw this any one got it or read it.

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    I noticed it a week or so back but thought it a fair bit of cash when there are others on my list.

    Something that I found a bit strange though was the blurb, "Over 69,000 words combine with over 200 photographs from a time when deer coursing was a legal pursuit." and the second featured illustration when you click on the cover looks to be a fairly modern colour photo of a long dog after a fallow doe?

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    I did think that also but after the small book Passion for Stalking from the same writer i was not surprised. I do hope there is no writing over the pictures that really did spoil the last small publication.

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    Darcy's books are always excellent,and after you've read it and if you want to get rid,then it will be worth a hell of a lot more......FACT!

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