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Thread: O/U - 12b Beretta, Browning or Miroku

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    O/U - 12b Beretta, Browning or Miroku


    A chap at work is looking for a first shotgun. I've suggested he gets either a Beretta, Browning or Miroku. He's tried all three and doesn't have a preference.

    Wondered if anyone has a 686 / 687, 325 / 425 mid grade or the equivalent Miroku that they'd like to move on. He's looking for something in decent condition. Budget is up to about 750.

    Thanks in advance.


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    This may be located too far away as it is in Edinburgh but I know of someone selling a Berretta Silver Pigeon12g O/U complete with a 3 gun cabinet. The gun has only had one previous owner and is in a very clean condition and works well. He is looking for 750 for the gun and cabinet.

    PM me if interested and I will pass on his contact details.


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