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Thread: Yank gunsmith looking for work

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    Yank gunsmith looking for work

    I was in Scotland this year in Inverness, I very much like the country. I am looking for work as a gunsmith. Things are a little different here as a gunsmith. I specialize in repairs, and not building firearms. I have my own shop for the last 6 years doing repairs, but now it is time to learn the ways of the old masters and become what I consider a real gunsmith. Here at home I considered a very good gunsmith and my background as an engineer helps. Looking for a change of location and way of life. Looking to do quality gunsmithing rather than quanity. If anyone can put me in contact with some one who is looking for a gunsmith, I would be very thankful.


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    Welome to the site, and good luck with your venture,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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