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Thread: Gun auctions

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    Gun auctions

    I have noticed that there a few gun auctions throughout the country, and several before Christmas. Are they worth attending, or are they only good if you are a dealer? I'm just interested in some bits and pieces...... Has anyone any experience ?

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    I've bought a couple of guns from Holts auctions - one was a hundred year old English boxlock and the other was a Sharp Innova airgun. I bought both blind, based on the description only. I didn't pay big money for either, so didn't mind taking a punt. Both turned out to be spot on and quite a bit cheaper that I'd have paid in a shop.

    I wouldn't pay decent money without having a good look and I've perhaps been lucky. Others may have different experiences, but if you take care there's no reason why you shouldn't get a good deal.



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    Hi Bob, thanks for advise. I'll give it a go I think. Regards Steve.

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    Holt's have some real bargains. sometimes you can get a nice s&b scope
    included in the sale.

    a friend of mine got a mint sako in 243 with a s&b 8x56 for 850.
    both are still working to this day without any problems
    well worth a look if you have a slot free or cash burning a hole in
    your pocket

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