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Thread: $ 95 to post a cleaning rod from the US

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    $ 95 to post a cleaning rod from the US

    I have recently been trawling the internet, for a 1 piece cleaning rod,now I did see one on flea bay,but surely there must be some mistake with the postage costs.
    Tipton Deluxe 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod 22 - 2: 182-978 Cleaning Kits | eBay

    the tipton cleaning rod is $26 but the postage is a whopping $95

    so if anyone knows were to b uy one cheaper in the uk can you please let me know



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    Could be wrong but try Brian Fox of Fox arms sure he has these rods in stock
    link he is in Stockport so not too far from you certainly not to the tune of $95
    Ps ring him he has more than his web site says
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    thanks dave for the link

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    Does not Norma Clark stock them?

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    Yes Norman Clark definately does them, i have just bought one last week in 44" and he gets it to you very quickly.

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    Bill (jonevo) i told you when i was home where to buy them reloading solutions its where i buy most of mine and i bought x2 new 17 rods when home 26 pounds each...give them a call..dont trawl ebay and esp USA.

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    Talk about "having your pants pulled down"

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    Not sure if they are still doing them but i bought a Hoppes one for about 12 from Game and Country about 6 months ago, it would be great if the thread in the end had been put in straight.

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    Well i inquired about buying a Swaro doubler,you know the size of 1/2 a banana.

    Euro Optics US quoted me $60 USD`s in freight, I choked and stated that Cabelas charge me $20 USD`s for a FIVE POUND WEIGHT PAIR OF BOOTS FFS... his answer was "thats what the US postal service charges" yeah like pull the other one sport!

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