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    heads up

    Just a heads up on here for you guys, maisey4quads is the user name for a guy on ebay who deals in second hand toyota spares, keep well away, i paid for a spare part, he sent the wrong one, he doesnt return your calls/emails so im stuck with a part i cant even sell on because i dont know what it came off so i thought i would warn others before he takes other peoples hard earned cash off them. so spread the word. this has been going on for weeks !!!!!!!

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    open a dispute with paypal should sort him out

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    As Starr shott has said open a dispute with pay pal, item not as described or listed and there should be no probs.

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    Ha Ha.
    Dispute with Paypal!
    Oh if it wasn't so painful I would laugh!

    Paypal cost me 400 when they allowed a hacker to break in to an account change the shipping address and contact details, buy a phone from me, pay for it with the original account holders bank account and then when he saw his bank statement a week later they withdrew the money from my paypal account and categorically refused to honour the "seller protection" as it was apparently my fault for trading with an un-confirmed shipping address!!

    as a buyer I bought goods that were not working, seller refused to speak, I went through 3 weeks of faxing, emailing posting quotes for repair, shipping details, proof of postage, tracking numbers.
    returned the goods special delivery at my cost, more hoops.
    three weeks after the goods had been signed for and confirmed returned to seller they asked me to provide the receipt for the postage (not for my costs you understand!) as I had not kept it they dropped my claim like a hot coal leaving me with the goods, without the payment and at considerable cost in shipping.

    my only option was the threat of very bad feedback to the seller.
    finally got my money back after 8 weeks!!

    avoid paypal like the plague, they charge like a wounded bull and won't help you in the slightest if it looks in any way difficult for them!

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    I didnt buy off ebay, he had a postal order from me

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    Ahhhhh just got refund for an item, only cheap I admit, but the seller refused to respond and did not ship. Got a full refund but we are talking less than a tenner here (10)...

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    Cheers for the heads up I have put your note on the Toyota landcruiser site , If your part is from a LC perhaps try and get it identified and sell it on there site , Are Milners or Roughtrax not able to help with your part required


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