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    Facebook icons

    Is it just my PC or do others get that irritating thumb sign and facebook icon under all thread titles? They've only just started and maybe coincide with my missus using that bl--dy site???

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    I've got it as well mate, nobodies on it in my house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    I've got it as well mate, nobodies on it in my house.
    Glad to hear it, seems like the facebook gremlins get everywhere
    Alex, can facebook be put on the cull list?
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    Yeah!, what is that all about?, Facebook?.............. some sad peeps around.
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    Think it must have been put on by admin !

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    It allows you to share SD topics with your Facebook friends... if you are into that. If not, simply ignore it, it won't bite!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggy s View Post

    Note self: get out more

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