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Thread: Welcome back!

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    Welcome back!

    Walked and dogged in some 100 acres of open moorland and open forest and my dogs rose a dozen woodcock and five snipe... welcome to Scotland!!

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    Flushed six yesterday on the beat, two of which were shot, so they are in.

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    I was out on Thursday stalking and put about 10 woodcock up so they have arrived on the north east coast of Ireland as well.

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    Saw one solitary woodcock when out with Malc last weekend in deepest, warmest Sussex.
    Just the one, but good to see it any way.
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Was sat in a highseat in Warwickshire last weekend, I thought a leaf had fallen to the floor that I saw in my peripheral vision. When I had a look through the bins, it was a woodcock. Not 5 foot from the foot of the seat. I turned to my mate, and whispered what I had seen. He moved to try and see it and it took off.

    This is the first woodcock I have ever seen on the ground. Are some woodcock not indigenous?



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    I can't believe how many snipe are behind my house at present. The chesapeakes get royaly pissed off when i walk up there without a gun.

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    Some woodcock never return and stay here for good. I have seen loads get up at the last minute whilst out lamping in the summer. Sometimes they fly and land a few feet and i have picked them up when they were frozen by the lights of my Landie. The smell of them is everything air-freshener companies have been trying to replicate for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r.atkinson View Post
    Are some woodcock not indigenous?
    Ross, I am pretty sure you are right.
    Saw my first one this year Monday last week.

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