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    Having heard the excellent sound reproduction from these caller units, I decided to purchase one, 49.99 being the asking price in McAvoy's,the two in the shop display were reluctant to work,but one from the rear of the shop was fine,I put this down to the possibility of duff gear, that a lot of manufacturers let slip in quality control................ one week later, tried to switch on the unit while out lamping, no go!, returned it to the shop & they duly had a replacement to collect inside a week, so no trouble with McAvoys service,new unit works great in the shop,...... tried to operate it last night, no go!,then out of a fit of madness tried it again, with some more force from fingers & wrist!, hey presto! fully working!,expectations of "Dry jointing" rearing heads,...... I have had a look inside one of these creations, (not this present one I might add), & was greeted by the sight of switchgear, that a child could manufacture with just a hot glue gun!........ what a pity such a good SD card sits in this cr***y built box!
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    I had a UCaller some yrs back as you said build quality rubbish calls not to clear either, I recently dragged myself into the modern world and got rid of my old diesel powered mobile for the android type (should of done it yrs ago)

    I have down loaded free of the net tumps of calls (maggie fox rabbit etc ) got a 2nd hand 1/2 decent blue tooth speaker (20) of the bay and way to go.

    I also downloaded the free app for a ballistics calculator for the rifles and longer range shooting they are more accurate than my drop charts,also the app can link into the GPS for your altitude the barometer pressure and temp for your actual position and you can also use the phone to calculate your shooting angle if needed, the GPS will eat your battery life though .

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