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Thread: Number plate on dvla auction

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    Number plate on dvla auction

    Hi all,

    Noticed a plate up for auction on the dvla auction site, lot number 98? Guide price 1000

    A1 Roe


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    there is one on a forum i use

    F4 LOW also 1,000

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    well done swisher !! now everybody knows

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    No way it's going for anything close to 1k, dealers will be all over it. Bet it turns up in the Shooting Times or B.D.S Deer mag' soon.

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    The plates I want would be R1FLE or P15TOL. I wonder how many times you'd get pulled over with the reg P155EAD, or P15SED? Best one I've actually seen was Rolls Royce with the reg A55YLM (or similar) near an assylum centre in the midlands.
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    Apparently D.V.L.A sold BO11OCK to a chap and then later refused him permission to use it.
    My wife and I got V12 EWE and V12 TUP cheap from DVLA, maybe they will be worth a bob or two in a few years if sold as a 'matched pair'.

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    you could look for something like MW51 KAL

    and re-space it to read... MW 51KA L
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    Nasty trick of D.V.L.A is to sell plates that make words then fine you for incorrect spaceing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudge262 View Post
    well done swisher !! now everybody knows
    Sorry smudge262, I thought this was a forum for members to share things and provide information. Any deals or relevant information I find floating around the Internet I post on here so members can benefit from.

    I have bought two plates from the dvla auctions and both I have had for starting price.


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