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    is there any length time after taking level 1 you should leave before taking level 2 to gain more experience or can you carry straight on

    the point i am making is will question be asked by the accredited people

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    You can carry straight on if you know what you are doing?

    Good luck. JCS

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    A good and very valid question. There is nothing set in stone. L1 is the theory side for want of a better definition, L2 is the practical application of that theory.

    It all depends upon the person - some do L1 after years of stalking, for others it is a way into the sport. Many people rush to register in the flush of having got their part 1 and then realise they have a lot to brush up on.

    I would put forward the theory there is something of a sweet spot - a bit akin to driving - the point where we still remember what we are supposed to do from the theory side, have reasonably practised that - but havent yet fallen off the otherside and got all the bad habits ingrained!
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