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Thread: Shooting Deer at night

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    Shooting Deer at night

    Out and about today i bumped into a farmer who i hadnt seen for years , out of interest i asked him if he had anyone shooting over his ground . His reply was yes he had a guy shooting troublesome deer at night with a lamp and he had shot 40 since march at this i couldnt help myself expressing that that action was ilegal and is generally frowned upon . I think the guy in question may have shot his last deer on that farmers ground and might be lucky enough to evade prosicution . The farmer is absolutely tamping and probably looking out of his window for the said stalkers lamp right now .

    Greed gets the better of some

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    I may stand corrected hear but I do not think that there has ever been a night license granted in England for the last 10 years.
    They are not stalkers they are poachers and have broken several laws,makes you ask the question where else are they poaching..
    Dial the boys in blue and tell thewm you think they are digging badgers,that should get an immediate response..

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    I beleive the farmer has already called the police for further guidance and as i understand it the police are very keen to catch the guy involved

    Watch this space

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    How confusing is this post
    We hav one guy talking about a fellow farmer and mate allowing or instigating poaching deer at night on his land then another poster who I presume is a genuine legal firearm licence holder advocating the way to deal with the issue is to phone and lie to the police to get a reaction
    And now the farmer who does not hav contact with the so called poachers who he has given permission to now has rung the police to try and set up the so called shooters
    Just goes to show how ***** the deer stalking world has turned into

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    possibly not the best advice,but in my experience the Police are very slow to act when it comes to poaching,mention the word Badger and they are there in a flash..It was only to epedite the arrival of the police and no other intention!..

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    Fair comment NOW
    In my part of the world just mention a fella walking about with a firearm in a suspicious manner normaly gets a chopper and an armed response team with in minutes on the scene regardless of wether it is a legal activity or not
    Different forces , different attitudes

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    Its easy solved , farmer rings lamper and asks him not to come again . As for digging badgers , how do you do that while walking or driving about with a lamp and rifle ? mine you , thats Rebecca Brooks for ya eh

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    pardon my ignorance ,but who is Rebecca Brooks?

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    ginger haired woman , used to work for news of the world

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    Better leaving it well alone what has it got to do with anyone other than the people involved. who is doing what ,you don't know what took place between the farmer and the shooter .

    To many goody goody people in the world .

    All hearsay until you see it with your own eyes .

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