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Thread: Drag Bag/Mat

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    Drag Bag/Mat

    I have been looking for one of these for ages. I had found some but could not quite bring myself to pay the money that people were asking for them.
    I found this site the other day, and bought two. I was sure that they would be inferior quality bearing in mind the price. However they turned up this morning and they are excellent.
    For anyone looking for this kind of thing I would say you will not get better for the price.


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    dragging mats

    i usually make this kind of thing myself at a fraction of the cost

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    Poppins that really good to hear. I have tried making something similar and it ended in a bit of a mess and a ruined gun sleeve. What do you make yours out of and how long does it take.


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    Get a bit of tarp from a truck and for a red cut it 3 ft wide and 10ft long get a large eyelet tool and place it on the middle fold it over and then put smaller eyelets down each side place large deer in it with rope through jaw put rope through eyelet.tie up sides and drag ps cost 3

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    Howa, I got a snipers dragbag on that site you posted !! real posh drag that !!. you must be quids in mate!. 6.5x55 has it in a can ,
    and, me I bought a sled, it is christmas . Poppins yes please one for a Red ! I will of course pay for it ,. Regards

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    Hey thats great 6.5 thanks.

    I shall try that if i want something to drag the deer in. However if i want something to carry the gun in that is not gun shaped and that masks what is inside and that opens out int a mat to sit on i would look at the thing on the link I posted.

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    Lines crossed me old china ! I thought you meant a drag bag ! not a snipers mat ! I had a mat built at Forest Lodge gunshop Wragby , cool as I wanted and wasnt a fortune ,.(come to think of it it did cost more ) and you can turn it into a 2 man bivvy tent . But Poppins please carry on with the drag bag ,

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    HI 6.5 I can see why you did.

    I really didnt want something I was going to drag behind me till I got into a good position to take the shot. For me its just a mat that I can carry the rifle in. It also has the benefit of hiding the profile of the rifle and therfore making it slightly less easy for the casual observer to identify what I am carrying. Its actually very good.

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    Drag Bag

    Thanks for the prompt - mine arrived today and is very impressive, well made, big enough for my frame (18 stone) to lie on. Well pleased

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