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Thread: sloe berrys

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    Cool sloe berrys

    no its a long shot but has anyone any spare sloes in there freezer? that i could have... ?

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    Have got about 3 lbs, but I'm not sure how I'd get them to you? Also still loads on the bushes if you can find any locally?

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    alot of the sloes up here are still on bushes up here but most have split

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    I always wait for them to split in the frost this makes them release their flavour, alternatively freeze them or prickem.
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    May I be pedantic for a moment?

    Are sloes actually berries? We do not refer to other drupes as berries: we do not speak of plums a 'plum berries' or damsons as 'damson berries'.

    May I suggest 'sloe heads' as an alternative? Or perhaps 'bullet berries'?

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