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Thread: .243 into .308 ??

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    .243 into .308 ??

    Just a thought that others may be able to help with.I`ve been thinking of going up in calibre from .243 to .308 for various reasons. However, I thought that rather than sell my .243 T3, is it feasible to have it re-barrelled in .308 instead?They both share the same cartridge case dont they? So it should simply be a matter of a new barrel in the correct calibre! I like my T3 and its in good nick, so why change the whole rifle? Or, am I being a bit simplistic (simple?) in my thoughts?Is there a bit more to it? I dont know. Would it be cost effective? Would it be more trouble than its worth?Any views gladly accepted

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    Why not just have both if the .243 is not worn out?

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    I have both! Great for mixing it up a bit! Start at 55g with 243. Right up to 200g with 308. Great calbres for homeloading

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    I would concur with having both. The 243 is good for woodland stalking and fox control while the 308 is good on the hill. You have a backup rifle if one has a problem. Also if you are into reloading as the cartridges have the same footprint they can share some of the reloading components.

    I use both 243 and 308 so good be a bit biased....


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    +1 on above.. Or go for a 7mm08! I would say that wouldnt i.. better ballistics, flatter and less recoil than a .308.

    To be honest about rebarrelling, if your .243 isnt shot out then its a bit of a waste as you will probably spend 600 by the time your finished and you will still have just a T3 to show for it.. (no disrespect!)

    So to summise, if your .243 is fine, buy a .308. if the .243 is shot out, rebarrel it in 7mm08!

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    i have both also ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty Hunter View Post
    Why not just have both if the .243 is not worn out?
    Or if you cannot afford both or only want one rifle sell the .243 as the price received will pay for a .308 T3 .
    Forget 7mm/08 if you are a re-loader as .30 calibre ingredients are in greater profusion and easier to source.
    Ignore those who denigrate the T3 models as I have had a couple and both were half-inchers and sound practical tools.


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    You'd be better of buy'n a .308 with what you'd pay for a decent barrel, then you'll have both !!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Buck View Post
    You'd be better of buy'n a .308 with what you'd pay for a decent barrel, then you'll have both !!

    Rgds, Buck.
    Very true !


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    if you wnat to rebarrel you t3 do it , the nice thing wth t3's is that you could evan go 30-06 or 270 or 6.5x55 ect just for cost of spare mag,

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