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Thread: Funky Fungus?

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    Funky Fungus?

    Anybody out there seen this one, I assume it is a type of Fungus but am probably wrong. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	10489There were lots of patches of this when I was out this morning, close up it looks like a lot of fly eggs. The consistency is very wet (could be down to a heavy dew) and soft and is suspended off the ground on the grass stalks. There were lots of them some yellow some white, there are also a lot of Ant hills in the field which may be something to do with it.
    Has anyone else seen it or know what it is?

    Oh and it tastes like scrambled eggs .

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    i have some on my small permission i have never seen it before and have no idea what its called,atb wayne

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    looks like a baillie to me

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    Interesting beause I asked the same question at shoot last week and no one had an answer for it!

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    same on the shoots i beat on no one seams to no what it is can't find it in my book

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    one of the Ramaria family maybe

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    csl thats definately what mine is thanks for that,wayne

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    You're a braver man than me Munty Hunter, I saw some of this on the edge of some ploughed ground and thought "I bet somebody somewhere would eat this, or give it a try"
    Deffo not me though, too much imagination of what it mightbe
    Looks like it is a slime mould right enough, ta muchly CSL, and I'm still not sure I'd want to try eating any of those - myth has it that only cockroaches would survive nuclear war, but that's not true, it would be the slime moulds, and they would be feasting on the cockroach carcasses. I don't wanna mess with anything that tough.
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    I wouldn't eat something that I couldn't identify - one of the reasons that I never go to Macdonalds!

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