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Thread: Voere rifles

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    Voere rifles

    are these any good or best avoided seen one in .308 with a good price

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davie_M View Post
    are these any good or best avoided seen one in .308 with a good price
    My first centre fire (.243) was a secondhand one of these, it would quite adequately group at around 1"1/2 -with the odd stray shot to 4" at 100 yards. I sold it last year for much the same as I paid for it 250 ish and I thought it was ok at this price

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    I've got a .22 semi auto Voere, 80's vintage. I paid 90 for it and it feeds faultlessly, and is plenty accurate enough for 100 yard plus bunnies.

    The main thing I will say is, their customer service is fantastic! I managed to snap the block return spring when stripping the rifle to clean it. I emailed Voere with the serial number and they sent a brand new spring FOC, all the way from Germany, and it got here three days later.

    They are much underestimated, I'd have no hesitation buying another, and the prices are ridiculously cheap.

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    Not fashionable, often built slim and fairly light so recoil can be more noticeable, hence often found at very reasonable prices. If cared for will shoot as well as any modern rifle. I suggest you get and get you hands on it and see how you like the feel of it and if it fits you then carefully have a look at it's overall condition and the bore and crown and if ok then if you like it buy it. Not worth looking carefully at bore etc if the rifle feels wrong to you and the feel part is done quicker than a good look at the rifle.

    Edit:- The Mauser rifles models 225 Titan, 226 Titan and the Model 99 dating from the mid 1980's were in fact re-badged Voere rifles .
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    Handled a few Voerer Rifles at the IWA and spoke to the owner, rifles seem to be solid and
    very traditional. They have a nice aftermarket magazine system for Mauser rifles.
    At least Voere exist and one can get help if bits are needed.

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