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Thread: Point of impact

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    Point of impact

    Quick question. I use a 4 -12 x 50 scope on my 25.06 that is set at 8 times magnification permenantly and 1 inch high at 100yds. Pretty standard stuff.

    On the reds yesterday and was settled in to take a long shot ( using a bi-pod for stadility ) and the guy I was with said why din't I turn up the mag to 12. Never tried that magnification before but his reasoning made sense...........and I missed. Nothing wrong with the zero, rifle, scope as I went onto take 5 hinds cleanly, including one at 300yds. All at 8x magnification.

    So there's the question. Does the point of impact change if you increase the magnification ? Hope so as thats my only excuse for the first......effort !

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    If its a scope of any quality it should not change, best try it at various mags on a range to see.

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    no, it should not change it unless theres a fault with the scope

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    Quality scope, mounts, rifle, ammo. So what you're saying is that a bad workman blames his tools and just accept respnsibility for a duff shot !

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    I have a big variable Zeiss on my foxy .22-250, and that does not change POI with magnification change - I've checked. Nor did a Swarovski, which I nevertheless no longer use because in practice it failed the faff-to-utility-ratio test on the hill.

    6x42 rules, O.K.?

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    Just wondering if you took a deer out cleanly at 300 yards how far was the one that you missed ?

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    I think POI changes on all second focal plane scopes with changing mag.
    but you might not be able to measure or notice it on good second focal plane scopes.
    Some scopes might be out quite a bit.
    I presume you didn't use a hold over recticle in second focal plane that will only be correct
    at one magnification setting.

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    You would possible be low at three hundred yards with your inch high at one hundred anyway , You should test fire your drop at three hundred with your current zero , You could need an inch and a half or possible two at a hundred to get on at three , With out your ballistic details who can say , plus the wind factor as well, You could easly miss , Or a bad body hit ,
    Thank goodness you had a clean miss ,


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    I am guessing it is your meopta rear (2nd) focal plane scope
    and winding up the mag may have lead you to hold over more or less than normal.
    Assuming that you are talking about a 120 grain bullet circa 300yd shot an 1" high at 100 would have you zeroed at 180ish and approximately 7" low at 300

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    If you have never used 12x magnification before I am wondering why try it on live quarry for the first time and not a target?

    Personally I never try anything on quarry that I have not tried out on targets that way I know it all works as I expect it to.

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